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Cadre specializes in bridge design, detailing, plan preparation and quantity takeoffs for a variety of bridge types. Our vast experience with different bridge types, CADD standards and client standards allows us to be very competitive with both budget and schedule. It also allows us to begin preparing a set of plans early in the design phase with as little information as a General plan, allowing our clients to concentrate on design. We have worked with Caltrans, local agencies, Regional Transit agencies, DOT's and contractors.

Cadre has extensive knowledge of Caltrans structures and standards. We have prepared  Flat Slab, Box Girder, I-Girder, and Steel Girder bridges and Bridge Widenings. We have detailed Steel Through Girder, Prestressed Box Beam and Steel Plate Girder bridges for several railroad companies incorporating unique standards and CADD requirements.

Cadre has unique experience working on several high profile projects across the country. We have prepared plans for Precast Post-Tensioned Segmental bridges, Cablestayed bridges and Suspension Bridges. We have prepared Shop Drawings for several contractors on a variety of bridge types and construction methods, from Segmental Balanced Cantilever and Span-By-Span in Las Vegas to an Inverted Fin Girder in Japan.

Cadre can assist you in all phases of a project from preliminary design efforts (by preparing "Advanced Planning Studies" or "Type Selection") to helping you out of a deadline crunch.

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