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​Cadre has extensive experience detailing widenings for a variety of structures. We have detailed widenings for concrete slabs, box girders, prestressed concrete girders and deck overhangs. These projects are located throughout the state and were designed for numerous agencies. Selected projects are:

Jefferson Street UC - This project widens an existing Steel Plate Girder bridge by 7 meters using Prestressed Concrete I-Girders. New approach slabs and retaining walls were required. Cadre detailed plans for the Riverside County Transportation Commission following Caltrans standards.

Mountain View Overhead - This project connects two existing Prestressed Concrete Girder bridges using both CIP Reinforced Box Girder and Prestressed Concrete Girders. This widening also included retrofit of existing structures. Cadre detailed plans for Santa Clara County following Caltrans standards.

San Gabriel River Bridge - This project widens an existing Concrete Girder bridge by 22 feet on both sides using Reinforced Concrete T-Beams. This widening also included retrofit of existing structures and an addition of a soundwall. Cadre detailed plans for Los Angeles County following Caltrans standards.

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