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Cadre Design Group has produced preliminary geometric design alternatives and contract plans for a number of highway interchanges including the El Dorado Hills Boulevard, Missouri Flat Road, East Bidwell, and Prairie City Road Interchanges on Route 50 in Sacramento and El Dorado Counties. Recent projects include:

El Dorado Hills Boulevard - El Dorado Hills, CA - Cadre Design Group staff was responsible for developing the geometrics for five interchange alternatives for this projects's Project Report to reconstruct the El Dorado Hills Boulevard/Route 50 Interchange in El Dorado County. This effort included exhibits for the PR, roadway geometrics, drainage plans, utility plans, typical cross sections, detour plans, signing and striping plans, retaining wall plans, and construction details.

East Bidwell Interchange - City of Folsom, CA - Cadre Design Group staff was involved with the project from the development of the alternatives for the PSR and PR to the preparation of contract plans for the final PS&E submittal to the City of Folsom and Caltrans. This project involved replacing the existing two-lane Type L-1 interchange with a new five- lane overcrossing and Type L-9 interchange.

Cadre staff was responsible for exhibits for the PR as well as the completion of the contract plans. This effort included exhibits, roadway geometrics, layouts, typical sections, drainage plans, utility plans, detour plans, signing and striping plans, and construction details.

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