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Cadre has assisted the Contractor on several construction projects providing shop drawings, rebar cut sheets and quantities. We have also assisted in three design/build projects. Selected projects are:

Hanging Lake Viaduct - This crossing of the Colorado River consists of dual 300 ft. spans. Segments are 33' wide and vary from a depth of 12ft. at the pier to 10 ft. at midspan. This project consists of 1200 segments in 40 spans. It was completed without disturbing traffic in an environmentally sensitive area and completed 10 years of construction through this spectacular canyon.

I-15/U.S. 95 "Spaghetti Bowl" Reconstruction Project - This project has five new major ramp structures being built in the I-15/US 95 Interchange reconstruction. Four of the five major ramp structures on this project are of precast concrete segment construction. This type of construction was selected because it can be built quickly with a minimum of impact on existing traffic compared to other types of construction.

Eastern Transportation Corridor - This Design-Build project included over 30 CIP Prestressed Box Girder bridges. Cadre worked closely with the contractor detailing bridge plans, rebar fabrication and estimating quantities. These bridges were prepared for Transportation Corridor Agencies in Orange County.

San Fancisco-Oakland Bay Bridge "Skyway - Several critical bridge elements were tested in the design phase to access their viability in the event of a major earthquake, and moc-ups were built to demonstrate their construction feasibility. Cadre prepared ISD's for ll 8 Hinge Segment. These plans were used to identify conflict and construction issues as well as reinforcement fabrication.

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